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Office address:
Arizona Investors Alliance, LLC
7720 North 16th Street Suite 370
Phoenix, Arizona 85020

Main Reception 602-229-1200
Fax 602-229-1201

We handle the research

The required research is so time consuming for the smaller Investor that it might be a big enough deterrent to keep you out of the business all together. We look at an average of 750 possible acquisitions each week and have full time, on staff professional researchers.

Purchase process

You no longer need to waste time (and money) attending multiple sales to only find that when you do attend you get "outbid" or "bid up" by seasoned competition. We give you a direct path to acquire properties at true wholesale prices, so that you are available to dedicate your time to the part of the business that actually makes you money: buying, repairing and selling the properties.

Take your time!

Working with us affords you the luxury of taking your time in evaluating your purchasing decision. If you were attending the sales on your own or acquiring or purchasing a list, you would find yourself wasting valuable time and find that writing a monthly check or a membership is just not worth it. Our clients only pay if they are the successful bidder.

Welcome to BidAZ Foreclosures

BidAZ Foreclosures is a bidding service in Maricopa County, Arizona. We have been in business for nearly a decade and our goal is to offer the best bidding and information services for our investors. We provide real estate foreclosure information for investors and bid on their behalf at the live auctions occurring daily. Currently we purchase over a hundred properties a month for our clients. We are one of the top bidding services in Phoenix and the most trusted by investors.